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Do you sell the GXRTQ filter system?

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2011 02:29PM CDT
Unfortunately the GXRTQ has been discontinued by GE and is no longer available.

We recommend switching to one of the following...

  • Similar in size and shape
  • Uses press-in quick-connect fittings
  • Removes Chlorine and particulates

  • Slightly different configuration
    • Water lines press into a small manifold (requires about 10 inches of slack in your water line)
    • Filter is installed in the bottom of that manifold
  • Uses press-in quick-connect fittings
  • System includes an automatic water shutoff valve and filter installs with a quarter-turn
  • Removes Chlorine, particulates, heavy metals, cysts, pesticides, and herbicides

Important Notes:

If you replace your GXRTQ with either of the above systems, you will need to remove the old GXRTQ fittings from your 1/4 inch tubing.

If you already have a working GXRTQ system and just need replacement filters, the GXRTQR replacement filter is still available.

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